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Quality Child Care with Excellent References

 "Both my husband and I are so glad that we made the decision to have Noah attend Stepping Stones. He has had some great experiences, learned so much and made some great friends. The teachers and staff are top-notch! Never once did I worry about him after dropping him off each day, because I knew he was in the best care I could possibly find. The curriculum at Stepping Stones is remarkable and I am thoroughly impressed with his teachers and everything that he learned...I think he could skip Kindergarten and go right to first grade. I cannot thank you all enough for providing top quality care and education for Noah." ~Kelly Quinn 7-25-12

"Our family has mixed emotions as our daughter, Carly, will be leaving Stepping Stones in June to spend the Summer home with her dad and brother before entering Kindergarten in the Fall. My husband, John, and I have been talking over the last few weeks about how we can't believe how fast the time has gone at Stepping Stones (Carly 5 & JJ 8) and what an impact it had on our lives. We couldn't be happier with the care, love, compassion and teaching they received while they were at Stepping Stones. Each time the kids moved into a new room we were concerned because they 'loved' the current teacher(s) and we were concerned that they would have a hard time moving on. We were pleasantly surprised every step of the way because the transition plan was seamless and the new teachers were just as amazing as the ones before (I think it was harder on us). The learning and education they received is second to none. The reading, group time, play time, art work, projects, working/teaching doing the right thing, homework sheets, etc. are simply amazing. Stepping Stones made 'day care" a home away-from-home for us and our kids. When I told Carly she was going to be done in a few weeks she made a face and said, 'But I don't want to be done and stay home.' I have tears in my eyes as I think about the past years and how fast they have gone. They are happy tears because I know the time they spent at Stepping Stones was in a caring, loving environment and I felt so at-ease bringing them there, talking things over with staff and working to a common goal: safety, compassion/happiness, health, learning, etc. for our children." ~Clare Callahan 6-4-2012 

"We are really sad to officially give our two weeks notice for Ryan Blank in the Boulder Junction room. Ryan will be starting Kindergarten in the Fall and will not need child care this Summer. This was not an easy decision for us. We have grown very fond of everyone at Stepping Stones, especially Ryan's teachers. Ryan has made so many friends at this school, and the quality of care and education he has received has been excellent. We will happily recommend your facility to everyone we know who is seeking child care in Neenah. Thank you for your dedication to young children and their early childhood education!"  ~Jason and Jenny Blank 5-14-12

"As we discussed today, we have loved the Stepping Stones Learning Center and the wonderful care that has been provided to Emma on a daily basis since she was 6 weeks old. All of the teachers she has spent time with have been fantastic and an integral part of her development and well being. Due to personal family changes, we are going to be making the transition to keeping Emma at home...Should things change in the future, we would be honored to be able to come back to the center, as long as there is availability of course. As stated above, we have appreciated the love and care our daughter has received and couldn't be more thankful."                ~Katie Engleman8/10/10

"We wanted to take this opportunity to make you aware in writing how pleased we are with the excellent care Miss Jamie and Kelly gave Allie. We are able to have peace of mind while we are at work, knowing she and Emily are receiving excellent care. The quality of care they receive, we believe, is second to none. Thank you for being so invested in the child  care center, helping to ensure our children are safe and happy." ~Mitch and Jen Grube9/13/10  

"Finding the correct daycare for your precious little one is not easy. For us, the process took about four months. How did we know we found the correct place? After touring and learning about Stepping Stones, we compared every additional daycare we toured back to Stepping Stones. This was the sign that we'd found our place. Every parent/family has criteria that they look for from their daycare. For us, Stepping Stones fulfilled several including cleanliness, safety, fun and an educational curriculum. A wonderful environment with professional, friendly, and very helpful staff." ~The Voetbergs 6/20/08

"It is with mixed emotion that I must tell you that Braeden Ross' last day at Stepping Stones Learning Center will be Thursday. While we are excited and happy for Braeden as he begins the next chapter in his life at Kindergarten, we are very sat to be saying goodbye to you, [his teachers] and the entire staff at Stepping Stones. We are extremely pleased with the progress Braeden has made while in your program for the past year. We have the utmost confidence that he is truly ready for Kindergarten now and we know he has the confidence too in himself. Words cannot express how thankful we are to [the teachers] for the wonderful job they have done with Braeden. If some day in the future we find ourselves lucky enough to be blessed with another child, we will definitely return to Stepping Stones if you will have an opening for us. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts." ~Robert and Tammy Ross 5-22-12                                                                                                                                                     

"It seems in the blink of an eye Lucas has turned five years old and now has completed his first week of Kindergarten.  I have been at odds with how to properly say thank you to so many outstanding caregivers and staff at Stepping Stones Learning Center who have cared, loved, and taught Lucas for the past 5 years of his life.  I am going to try even though words just do not seem to be adequate to tell you how very grateful I am for each of you and how very fortunate Lucas has been in your care.  ----------------------------------------------------------Thank you for all of the noses wiped, all of the diapers changed, and all of the shoes tied.  Thank you for all of the compassion at drop offs when they needed consoling hugs and all the waves to say good bye from the windows.  Thank you for all the discipline, time outs, and redirections needed to keep them on track.  Thank you for all the medicine administered, all the bandages applied, all the ice packs held on the "boo boos", and all the tears that were wiped. Thank you for all of the healthy meals, table manners, and all your efforts for ensuring food allergies are taken seriously.  Thank you for the strong foundation for their education.  Thank you for all of the books read, all of the journaling, and all of the wonderful art projects.  Thank you for all the awesome field trips, T-ball games, PJ days and water play days.  Thank you for caring enough to have the difficult conversations when it would have been easier to be silent.  Thank you for creating a safe, happy, clean environment for our babies to grow up into little boys and girls who are prepared for learning and ready for Kindergarten.  God Bless you all and Thank you from the bottom of my heart!"  ~ Peggy Kisiolek 9-8-11

 "Thank you so much for providing a safe and warm place for Samuel's daycare since he was just 3 months old. I am so happy we found a place like Stepping Stones, which allowed me to know he was in good hands while we were both working. I really appreciate the teachers and staff; they are the ones who have taken care of Sam everyday!" ~Anne Benter 2-28-11

“Stepping Stones Learning Center is like an extended family for us. From the moment we joined, the entire staff reached out to our family like a warm hug. My children love being greeted enthusiastically by name every time we walk in the door. They look forward to going to 'school' and always come home with rich stories of the games they play, the friends they make, and the things they learn. My husband and I could not be happier with the time we have spent with Sue, Courtney and their staff. Job well done!
We have been so pleased with the time we have spent with your 'family.' We congratulate you on building a great business with great values and great people."
 ~Laura and Mark Gustafson 5/29/2008

"Hello~It is with much happiness, and also a bit of sadness that I have decided to leave work and become a homemaker. What that means for me at this point, I am still a bit unsure.  I will get to spend so much more time with them and be a part of their growth more so than before.  Leia said she will be happy if I am her teacher, but she will be a little sad not to go to school.  I am sure we can arrange some visits! We are very fortunate that we can afford to have me stay home and I know that I will be ever so grateful for this forever... We have been impressed with all the knowledge Leia has gained over these last 2 1/2 years and are so blessed to have had such great teachers.  I really miss my children at this point, and spend too much time away from them. The money that I am making does not make up for the time I am missing out on.  Because of the wonderful care that my children have received, I would never consider taking them anywhere else, it would just not feel right..I am sure Leia will miss her friends, and especially all of her teachers.  Again, thank you for treating my children as if they were the most precious gifts.  I will miss all of you as well.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you." ~Kami Kersten 4/09/2008
"Please accept this donation on behalf of my husband and me. We are extremely pleased with the care given and the progress attained by our grandson, John Callahan IV, or JJ as he is known at school. We wish to convey to you and your staff how pleased we are with the quality of professionalism consistently maintained at your facility." Warmest Regards~Cheryl Callahan 2/2008

"I would like to take this time to give each and everyone of you a sincere 'Thank You' for the awesome care you have provided for our daughter Elizabeth. Each one of you should be so proud of yourselves; you all teach and play together as a TEAM. You have taken such a huge part in building stepping stones in Elizabeth's life; you have all helped in her development, her foundation, and I will always be so Thankful our paths have crossed. I have toured many daycares, and I cannot begin to tell you how your place is a big 'WOW.' You all have touched Elizabeth's life, not to mention mine.You all helped form her to where she is today. She is ready to make a milestone and go onto bigger things (she is more ready than I am to make this choice). Children have a lot to teach us too in life; we all need to take the time to listen to our children, as you all have taught me to do that. You all are a wonderful group of people so willing to teach and be a part of these children's development. What a big reward in your lives to be able to be a part of all these children's lives, and your decisions and ways of teaching may of/or have, helped a child to be all they can be in the future.... so on we go, but we will have a part of you always in our hearts; again THANK YOU so much for being such a BIG part of Elizabeth's life." Sincerely~ Joe, Bonnie & Elizabeth Blahnik 1/9/2006

"I want to thank ALL of you for the exceptional care you have provided Dylan. My husband and I always felt comfortable turning him over to you and your staff. He has learned so much and has advanced tremendously and that is all due to the love and attention he received while in your care. I wish you and Stepping Stones Learning Center the very beast of luck in the future. You are great at what you do."
 Sincerely~Mrs. Olson 3/29/2006
"We are very excited to move to Sioux City. We are sad that Stepping Stones Learning Center cannot move to Sioux City with us. I believe that this is the best early childhood education facility. Isaac has learned so much: colors, numbers, using words to communicate feelings, and my favorite… different languages, as well as sign language. I feel that your facility is so advanced and it will be missed. I just hope that I can find an early childhood education facility that excels as much as this one." Sincerely~Carrie Klosterman 2/23/2005

"Our teachers are remarkable and make it all happen," said Sue Schmidt. "Without our teachers our center would be ordinary not exceptional,"  agreed Courtney Smet, Sue's Daughter.

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